The bio-imaging and diffraction beamline P11 at PETRA III

by Alke Meents (DESY)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011 from to (Europe/Berlin)
at AER19, Room 3.11
Beamline P11 at PETRA III is dedicated to the structure determination of biological objects in two different modalities. A Scanning Transmission X-ray microscope (STXM) operated at X-ray energies between 2.4 and 10 keV will allow structural investigations of aperiodic objects such as single cells and also small tissue sections. The STXM will allow cryo-cooling of the samples and will be operated in vacuum. A crystallography endstation will provide beamsizes down to 1 micron for the investigation of micro crystals and also a parallel beam option for large unit cell systems. The experiment will be equipped with a Pilatus 6M detector and an automatic sample changer.
For the design of the beamline optics, special care was taken to preserve the coherence properties of the beam and to deliver most of the photons from the source into a small focal spot at the sample position.
The presentation will provide general information about the P11 beamline, with special emphasis on a variety of high precision X-ray optics and other hardware components developed for the beamline.