Single particle imaging experiments at the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS)

by Andrew Martin (Center for Free Electron Laser Science)

Monday, November 28, 2011 from to (Europe/Berlin)
at AER 19 ( 3.11 )
The Coherent Imaging group at CFEL (lead by Prof. Henry Chapman) has taken part in several single particle imaging experiments at LCLS. The aims have included 3D imaging of single non-crystalline viruses, 2D imaging of larger biological samples like cells and bacteria, and the imaging of aerosols. One of the great advantages using an XFEL is the chance to study these samples in their native state. Biological samples do not need to be stained, crystalized, frozen or sectioned. Large complex airborne particles, like soot, can also be studied while airborne. The data collected so far has highlighted the need to push existing analysis methods further, particularly with respect to the issues of missing data and experimental noise. The recent development of dark-field imaging indicates that the missing data issue can be circumvented by exploring alternative contrast mechanisms. Improvements to the popular HIO algorithm suggest there are still avenues available to improve the resolution of reconstructed images, and extract as much information as possible from reconstructed images. Recent results with airborne soot particles ranging from 0.5 – 2 micron will be presented.