7-9 April 2008
Europe/Berlin timezone
Dear Positron Source Colleague,

With the recent decisions in the UK and US the impact on the ILC
positron source will be very serious. In the UK the long term support
for the project has been removed. It may be that some efforts can
continue but they will be at a lower level than previously. In the US
it is hoped that the situation will improve with the next financial
year, but for this year it seems very unlikely that there will be any
further US positron source work.

Despite the recent bad news, it is our intention to hold this meeting.
We will review the present status of the positron source and
prioritise the efforts for maximum benefit.
Clearly, many people will not be able to travel to the meeting so we
will run it via Webex as well so these colleagues can join in.
Please register also in that case and note in the corresponding field
of the registration form your participation via Webex.
Planned items for the meeting are

EDR/TDP Status & problems reports
OMD, capture optics
Source modeling
Remote handling
Compton laser scheme
Generic positron source issues for linear colliders

Subsequent to our meeting a
Workshop on energy and polarisation measurements at the IP
will be held. You are cordially invited to attend also this workshop.
An overlap session is planned for Wednesday (Apr 9) afternoon
to discuss questions important for participants of the positron
source meeting as well as the E/P meeting.