Workshop and school on limit setting and global fits in the LHC era
The school (20-22 August) will present in great depth the most important ingredients for the global interpretation of LHC and other data, especially in the light of searches for supersymmetry. Topics covered will be limit setting and fitting, profile likelihood technique with tutorial, ROOTSTATS and worksspaces, MVA methods, inclusive and model-independent SUSY searches and their interpretation. Talks on physics topics such as Higgs physics, BS-->mumu or astrophyical input quantities will complement the programme. A highlight lecture on global fits in the past and in the future will build the bridge to the workshop part (23-24 August) to which also the school participants are heartily invited.

The workshop - which will be attended by the experts from the leading global fit projects - will discuss up-to-date questions in the field.

Fee: 60 € (arrival Wednesday evening or before) or 10 € (arrival Thursday morning or after), to be paid in cash upon arrival.
The scientific programme is complemented by a welcome reception on Monday evening and a school and workshop dinner on Wednesdey (at Bierhaus Machold).
Starts Aug 20, 2012 08:00
Ends Aug 23, 2012 14:00
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