4-9 October 2012
DESY, Zeuthen
Europe/Berlin timezone

School on Non-perturbative Renormalization on the lattice: A school organized by students for students.

 We would like to bring to your attention the school “By students, for students: Non-perturbative Renormalization on the lattice” to be held at DESY-Zeuthen, Berlin, Germany, from October 4 - 9, 2012. We would also like to mention that just after the school, the Lattice Practices will take place at the same venue. Lectures will be held by Tassos Vladikas and tutorials by Gregorio Herdoíza.

This school will be different from other schools in several ways:

The School is monothematic:

Rather than covering a wide range of topics, the School will focus on a single, specialized argument, which will be introduced in detail, with as many derivations as possible. The subject of this School will be Ward-Takahashi identities on the lattice and non-perturbative renormalization. The renormalization paradigm will be the RI-MOM scheme.

The lectures will be completely blackboard based:

This will facilitate a more pedagogical style of presentation and encourage students to intervene in class.

Learning by doing:

Tutorials will be held in the afternoons, after the morning lectures. Students will be encouraged to solve problems in class, helped by the tutor. Solutions to every problem will be provided in the end.

The school is organized by students:

This initiative is being put forward by DESY-Zeuthen Ph.D. students and young post-docs. During the school, students will meet regularly with lecturer and tutor, in order to discuss lecture notes and exercises and provide feedback on their usefulness and level of difficulty. Registration is required for participation and is now open here. There is no registration fee for the school. We are looking forward to seeing you here in Berlin! Best regards, The local organizers
Starts Oct 4, 2012 08:30
Ends Oct 9, 2012 18:00
DESY, Zeuthen
Platanenallee 6 15738 Zeuthen Germany