20-24 May 2013
Europe/Berlin timezone
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Bonn - Seminar Room BCTP

Moduli Stabilization and Cosmology With Poly-Instanton Corrections


In the context of type IIB orientifold compactifications, we present a new class of Kaehler moduli inflation realized in the LARGE volume scenarios. The inflaton is a Kaehler modulus corresponding to the volume of a so-called "Wilson" divisor which is relevant for supporting the poly-instanton corrections. Further, this standard single-field model is generalized into a two-field model by the inclusion of respective axion modulus, and large non-Gaussianity signatures are observed in beyond slow-roll regime. Note: The talk would be based on the papers arXiv:1205.2485 (JHEP 1206 (2012) 162), arXiv:1208.1160 (JHEP 1211 (2012) 101) and arXiv:1301.6076 (JHEP 1303 (2013) 061).