20-24 May 2013
Europe/Berlin timezone
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Bonn - Big Lecture Hall Mathematics

The Effective Chiral Lagrangian for a Light Dynamical Higgs


  • Juan Alberto YEPES


The basis of CP-even chiral effective operators describing a dynamical Higgs sector, is generalized to the case in which the Higgs-like particle is light. Gauge a nd gauge-Higgs operators are considered up to mass dimension five. This analysis completes the tool needed to explore at leading order the connection between linear realizations of the electroweak symmetry breaking mechanism - whose extreme case is the Standard Model - and non-linear realizations with a light Higgs-like particle present. It may also provide a model-independent guideline to explore which exotic gauge-Higgs couplings may be expected, and their relative strength to Higgsless observable amplitudes. The analysis is reduced by nature to the consideration of flavour -conserving operators except for the standard Yukawa-type fermionic couplings