20-24 May 2013
Europe/Berlin timezone
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Bonn - Seminar Room BCTP

Tribrid inflation: a framework for connecting inflation with particle physics


We discuss recent progress on supersymmetric tribrid inflation, a variant of hybrid inflation which is particularly suited for connecting inflation with particle physics. Inflation ends with a phase transition near the GUT scale, and the inflaton can be a D-flat combination of charged fields in the matter sector of the particle theory. This relates the inflaton couplings -- which can be constrained by measurements of the CMB -- to the properties of matter particles, which may be observable in the low-energy theory. In this talk, we identify three different regimes of tribrid inflation and summarize their respective predictions for the CMB spectrum. Afterwards, we explain how the framework of tribrid inflation may be applied in model-building to realise tribrid inflation in explicit SUSY particle physics models near the GUT scale.