EUTelescope Workshop 2013

chaired by Hanno Perrey, Igor Rubinskiy
from to (Europe/Berlin)
at DESY Hamburg ( 4a/4b )
Description Test Beam Pixel Telescope Data Analysis Workshop 2013
The workshop will focus on data analysis topics but will also cover some aspects of DUT integration. There will be many experts present and ample time for discussions!
On Wednesday after lunch, you will have the option to join us on a tour of the electron test beam facilities at DESY and the pixel telescopes available there.
The table for the workshop dinner is now reserved but there are a few additional seats available - if you are interested in joining but haven't signed up previously, please let us know via e-mail!
Please use these links for remote video connections via Vidyo (with PIN 1234):
Vidyo Desktop Client or dial in with video conference systems (H.323)
Participants Silke Altenheiner; Mikhail Batygov; Mathieu Benoit; Marco Bomben; James Botte; Armen Buniatyan; Alan Campbell; David Cussans; Dominik Dannheim; Ganna Dolinska; Kate Doonan; Doris Eckstein; Thomas Eichhorn; Curras Rivera Esteban; Torben Ferber; Dean Forshaw; Matthias George; Phillip Hamnett; Stefan Heindl; Dmitry Hits; Malte Hoffmann; Jan Hoss Hoss; Alexandra Junkes; Moritz Kiehn; Claus Kleinwort; Arno E. Kompatscher; Oleksandr Korchak; Ievgen Korol; Bogdan Lobodzinski; Denys Lontkovskyi; Stefan Maettig; Carlos Marinas; Andrea Micelli; Clara Nellist; Carsten Niebuhr; Andreas Nürnberg; Hanno Perrey; Julia Rieger; Julia Rietenbach; Branislav Ristic; Marco Rossini; Igor Rubinskiy; André Rummler; Fabian Schwartzkopff; Benjamin Schwenker; Valentina Sola; Yuri Soloviev; Simon Spannagel; Martin Strelzyk; Thomas Weiler; Sergey Yaschenko; Eda Yildirim; Hon Zhu
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