Background Information
The Innovation Union includes a commitment to complete or launch construction by 2015 of 60% of the ESFRI (European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures) roadmap priority Research Infrastructures of pan-European interest. This requires investments beyond the means of individual countries – pooling of regional, national and European Union funds is thus necessary.
The development of the research and innovation capacity of the Member States and regions is one of the key thematic objectives of the European Cohesion Policy. Within the European Commission's communication "Regional Policy contributing to smart growth in Europe 2020", the development of Regional Partner Facilities[1](RPF) have been highlighted as one of the three-pronged approach to help regions to realise their full research and innovation potential.  In that context, Member States should link national research infrastructure roadmaps to the ESFRI roadmap and Smart Specialisation Strategies in order to have the possibility of using Structural Fund, thus reinforcing the capacity of less favoured regions to host and participate in RIs of pan-European and international interest.
Horizon 2020 will promote the development and implementation of world-class Research Infrastructures under the "Excellent Science" priority and will support in particular the development of Regional Partner Facilities aiming at a more balanced development of the European Research Area. Close synergies should therefore be developed between the Structural Funds and Horizon 2020 in all relevant programmes and priorities.
Objective of the workshop
The overall objective of this workshop is to increase the awareness of Member States on the effective use of the structural funds for Research Infrastructures as well as to promote the regional dimension of Research Infrastructures, in particular of the RPFs. The workshop aims to:

  • increase the awareness on how to use the Structural Funds for the construction and operation of Research Infrastructures;
  • discuss the conditions for setting-up nodes and Regional Partner Facilities of pan-European Research Infrastructures;
  • increase the awareness of the inclusion of Research Infrastructures in Smart Specialisation Strategies and/or Operational Programmes and thus promoting the efficient and effective use of structural funds;
  • discuss the role of Research Infrastructures in Smart Specialisation Strategies;
  • provide some experiences of some projects, like ELI, SKA, SSH (Social Sciences and Humanities) projects that have a regional dimension and are expected to develop RPFs.

The workshop is organised by the CoPoRI project, in close cooperation with ESFRI and European Commission. It will take place on 15 May 2013 in Brussels and will be hosted by the European Commission.
Target group of the workshop:
The participants of the workshop will be representatives from Ministries (such as ESFRI and/or RI Programme Committee Delegates), representatives from the scientific communities (most notably some managers of ESFRI projects), as well as the ERA Stakeholders. Representatives from the National Managing Authorities which are dealing with the preparation of the Smart Specialisation Strategies and Operational Programmes, as well as the members of the ESFRI WG on the Regional Issues will also be invited. The European Commission will be represented both by DG R&I and DG REGIO. The number of attendees expected to be around 100 persons.


[1]A Regional Partner Facility to a Research Infrastructure of pan-European interest must itself be a facility of national or regional importance in terms of socio-economic returns, training and attracting researchers and technicians.  The quality of the facility including the level of its scientific service, management and open access policy must meet the same standards required for pan-European Research Infrastructures.

The CoPoRI project is funded by the European Community under the seventh framework programme
Starts May 15, 2013 09:00
Ends May 15, 2013 15:50