PIER Photon Science Colloquium: Movies of electron energy bands and other stories: Studies using a new ARTOF electron analyser

by Svante Svensson (Uppsala University)

Friday, April 5, 2013 from to (Europe/Berlin)
at DESY Hamburg ( CFEL Lecture Hall, Bldg. 99 )
Electron spectroscopy is one of the most powerful methods to characterize material properties starting from their electronic structure. There exists today a zoo of different types of electron analysers for various purposes. Hemispherical analysers with advanced electron lenses are used for high energy resolution spectroscopy while time-of-flight spectrometers have much higher transmission, but at the expense of resolution.

In 2004 we found that it is possible to combine these two different approaches to obtain both very high energy resolution and very high transmission. This is the concept of the so called ARTOF (Angular Resolved Time Of Flight) spectrometers. The only drawback is that an external trigger is necessary.

Since 2008 we have operated ARTOF spectrometers using the single bunch structure of BESSY II in Berlin. In this presentation a short introduction of the principles for the instruments will be given and a survey of different applications will be made.
The talk is not intended for specialists, but will introduce the subject for a broad group of potential users.