17-18 June 2013
DESY Hamburg
Europe/Berlin timezone

Scientific Programme

The workshop will focus on new ideas for direct detection and astrophysical signatures for sub-eV particle dark matter, distributed on three major topics as follow:

Theory (Particle and astroparticle)

  1. Motivation for WISPy CDM (WISPs in PBSM)|Parameter space with better motivated regions,
  2. Relic density (Realignment, Cosmic Strings, Domain Walls),
  3. Basics of detection (Theory of Haloscopes and new Broadband,oscillating EDMs),
  4. Small scale structure (mini-halos, miniclusters, axion stars),
  5. BEC and implications.

Dark matter

  1. Evidences (short review)
  2. Distribution in the galaxy.

Experimental techniques

  1. Review of past experiments,
  2. Resonant cavities,
  3. Radio-detection,
  4. SQUIDS,
  5. Magnetic elds,
  6. Cryogenic cooling.