Computing Seminars

NFSv4.2 and Standard's Development / FedFS: The Federated File System

by Tom Haynes (NetAPP), Chuck Lever (Oracle)

Thursday, August 1, 2013 from to (Europe/Berlin)
at DESY Hamburg ( SR 3 )
For more than a year, is involved in the German
"Large Scale Data and Analysis" Project. One goal of that initiative
is to provide federated data and identity services, allowing scientists
to access highly distributed data by just knowing a single endpoint and
only providing a single credential. In this context we are happy to
welcome Chuck Lever and Tom Haynes, who are involved in state of the
art solutions for that challenge.

Tom Haynes
NFSv4.2 and Standard's Development

We'll look at how we are pulling in features to appeal to application
developers to entice them to drive our customers to use NFSv4.x. Along
the way, we'll come to understand the new features.

Chuck Lever
FedFS: The Federated File System

The presentation introduces the Federated File System: a set of
administrative protocols that link together separate network file
servers into a single file namespace that looks the same on all
filesystem clients.  We focus on how FedFS uses features of the NFS
protocol. An open source FedFS implementation for Linux is also
described. Questions and discussion will follow.

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