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Registration opening day: 30 October 2013
Registration deadline: 24 January 2014

The registration fee for the workshop is 80 EUR (Reduced fee for Students (incl. PhD): 50EUR). This amount covers the workshop dinner, the coffee breaks and the welcome reception.

Payment is possible during registration (cash or credit card) or via bank transfer (please use this option if possible), the deadline for the bank transfer option is 17.01.2014:

Kontoinhaber: DESY Bank, HSH Nordbank 20095 Hamburg
Kontonr. 0303800010 
BLZ.: 21050000
Ibannr.: DE79 2105 0000 0303 8000 10
Workshopkonto 250720, PXDSVD Workshop, 22.-24.Jan. 2014, YOUR NAME
Registration takes place in the foyer of SR 4ab (Building 01 B, DESY) on Wednesday 22.01.2014 between 9:00-9:30.
Possible actions you can carry out: