Design and performance of the APS superconducting undulator

by Efim Gluskin (Advanced Photon Source)

Friday, December 6, 2013 from to (Europe/Berlin)
at AER19 ( 4.14 )
After more than a decade of successful operations with the first generation of APS IDs the demand for the next level of the source performance became quite strong. APS responded with the development of several novel IDs including the superconducting undulator (SCU). The SCU increases significantly the APS brightness in the hard x-ray region. The first SCU has been installed about a year ago at the APS storage ring. It has been successfully commissioned in the period of few weeks and now is operating with better than expected performance. 
The talk will cover all phases of the developments of the APS SCU that include the design, results of cryogenic tests, commissioning at the storage ring and results of x-ray radiation performance.