Jul 8, 2022

Using Helmholtz AAI as login method

1a - Choose "Helmholtz AAI" as login method


1b - ...and again choose "Helmholtz AAI" as login method


2 - Use the search field to look for your institute or identity provider



3 - Search for your home institute and provider your credentials


3a - Choosing a provider: Google or ...


3b - ORCID or ...


3c - GitHub


4a - Login with Google account


4b - Login with Google account


4c - Login with Google account, through DESY Keycloak


4d - Accept data transmissions from your home institution's identity provider (IdP) to Helmholtz AAI, and further to


4e - If you login through Helmholtz AAI for the first time and only then, you have to register yourself to Helmholtz AAI


5 - Adding new login method to your existing account


6 - Logged in with Google