Molecular and Ultrafast Science Seminar (MUSS)

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  • Andrea Trabattoni
  • Andrey Yachmenev
  • Barbora Vagovic
  • Giulio Maria Rossi
  • Jochen Küpper
  • Maureen Ayon Alfaro
  • Melanie Schnell


CFEL Molecular and Ultrafast Science Seminar (MUSS) series. This is a general topical seminar series on developments in modern molecular and ultrafast science jointly organized by the CFEL Controlled Molecule Imaging group, the Spectroscopy of Molecular Processes group, the CFEL Attosecond Science group, and the CFEL Ultrafast Optics group. Unless otherwise noted, the seminar talks start at 10:00h in the CFEL seminar rooms I and II, ground floor.

Some events in the list below have been hidden.