PP/APP/GW PhD Seminar

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  • Annika Vauth
  • Artur Lobanov
  • Belina von Krosigk
  • Bjoern Soenke Wonsak
  • Patrick Connor
  • Rainer Peter Feller

PhD Seminar on PP, APP, and GW

This PhD Seminar is organized within the Institute of Experimental Physics. The focus of this series is on Particle Physics (PP), Astroparticle Physics (APP), and Gravitational Waves (GW) and on related fields such as detector R&D and machine learning.

We had hoped and would have loved to be able to hold it in person. But we will still have to deal with Corona for a little while and don’t want to wait until we can all meet in person again. It will thus be a virtual seminar for the time being.

Procedure: The first 15min are a rather casual get together. The next 30min are devoted to the presentation, followed by 15min of discussion. Since the audience is a mix of members from different groups within our institute, please make sure to also address people not directly from your field (i.e. avoid field-internal "slang" and give a bit of background information where necessary).

Connection: https://uni-hamburg.zoom.us/j/2122235234?pwd=b2kwK0VJOU1TN2VhNUFiWFMwa0xIUT09

Available time slots: Please add your name and (rough) topic to your preferred time slot in these Google Sheets.

Contact: Should you have any questions just send an email to belina.von.krosigk@uni-hamburg.de.

Wonderme: Link