We are celebrating the 50th anniversary of research using synchrotron radiation at DESY, and would like to invite you to this event.
The history began at the first synchrotron, ‘DESY’, in the year 1964. Here, the bold vision was laid out for the future of photon science at DESY. Since then many fascinating results have been achieved and this ‘X-ray revolution’ paved the way to bright future prospects for research with synchrotron radiation.
We would be very pleased if you could join us in celebrating 50 exciting years at DESY!
Programme DESY main auditorium (Bldg. 5)

From the first beamline at DESY...                          

(Chair: R. Santra, DESY CFEL)

14.00   Welcome and facets of 50 years of synchrotron radiation research at DESY
Helmut Dosch(DESY)
14.20   The X-ray revolution: seeing matter in a new light
Stefan Eisebitt (TU Berlin)
15.00   Coffee Break

...to the photon science campus of the future.

(Chair: A. Stierle, DESY NanoLab)

16.00   DESY Photon Science:a look into the future Edgar Weckert (DESY)
16.30   The future of science at free-electron lasers
Wilfried Wurth (DESY/Univ. Hamburg)
17.00   The future of science at synchrotron radiation sources
Christian Schroer (DESY/Univ. Hamburg)
17.30   Reception DESY Canteen (Bldg. 9)

DESY Hamburg
DESY Auditorium (Build. 5)
Notkestrasse 85 22607 Hamburg Germany