The program on “The Particle Physics and Cosmology of Supersymmetry and String Theory” is an international, interdisciplinary research project jointly supported by the NSF (US), DFG (Germany), EPSRC (UK).

• The wider impact of this research group follows from the synergy of bringing together three disciplines – string theory, mathematics and cosmology in three different countries, to solve some of the most fundamental problems in science, precisely at the time when experimental and observational data will become available.

• The international component is significant, forging a cohesive American and European network for interdisciplinary research and post-doctoral/graduate student education in particle physics and cosmology. This program is a vehicle for enhancing American and European scientific cooperation and cultural understanding.

The fifth meeting of this International Program will be held March 30 – April 1, 2015 at DESY in Hamburg. The workshop is entitled

“The Particle Physics and Cosmology of Supersymmetry and String Theory”
Organizers: Jan Louis (Uni HH) and Alexander Westphal (DESY)

and will bring together a small, focused group of string theorists and cosmologists in an informal setting to discuss recent developments in their respective fields and stimulate ideas for new research directions.

Speakers include:

A. Ashmore (London)
• P. Berglund (Durham)
• A. Braun (Oxford)
• E. Dudas (Paris)
• A. Eichhorn (London)
• I. Garcia-Etxebarria (Munich)
• A. Hebecker (Heidelberg)
• R. Isermann (Munich)
• N. Kaloper (UC Davis)
• J. Koehn (Penn)
• S. Massai (Munich)
• P. McFadden (London)
• B. Ovrut (Penn)
• M. Rummel (Oxford)
• T. Weigand (Heidelberg)
• T. Wrase (Vienna)
• M. Zagermann (Hannover)

DESY Hamburg
SR 2, building 2a