20 May 2015
DESY Hamburg
Europe/Berlin timezone
FLASH at DESY is the world’s first soft X-ray free-electron laser. This pioneering light source probes secrets of the ultrafast processes in atoms, molecules and new materials.

In a naming ceremony, the two adjacent FLASH experimental halls will receive their new names “Albert Einstein
and “Kai Siegbahn”.

Programme (Draft)
20 May 2015, FLASH Experimental hall (Bldg. 28k)

10:30   Doors open (FLASH2 experimental hall)
11:00   Welcome addresses
    Helmut Dosch (Chairman of the DESY Board of Directors)
    Olaf Scholz (First Mayor of Hamburg)
    Karl Eugen Huthmacher (Director-General "Basic Research and Sustainability", Federal Ministry of Education and Research, BMBF)
    Anders Lönn (State Secretary to Minister for Higher Education and Research, Sweden)
11:40   Naming ceremony
12:00   Keynote speeches: science perspectives
    Lars Börjesson (Vice President, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)
Wilfried Wurth (Scientific head of FLASH)
14:00   FLASH Science Symposium (Chair: Edgar Weckert (DESY))
    Josef Feldhaus (DESY) "FLASH - a pioneering light source"
    Markus Drescher (University of Hamburg) "Atoms & molecules in the FLASH – light"
    Thomas Möller (Technical University of Berlin) "Structure and dynamics of clusters and nanocrystals in intense short wavelength light pulses"
15:30   Coffee Break
    Henry Chapman (DESY-CFEL) "Ultrafast coherent X-ray imaging at FLASH"
    Ronald Redmer (University of Rostock) "Warm dense matter in FLASH light"
17:00   End

In 1905, Albert Einstein explained the photoelectric effect by introducing the now famous particle concept for light. It became quickly clear that the electrons emitted from a substance irradiated with X-ray light carry the chemical ‘fingerprint’ of the material.

About 50 years later the Swedish physicist Kai Siegbahn pioneered photoelectron spectroscopy as an advanced analytical tool to unravel the elemental composition of condensed matter. Today, this method is routinely used in all modern materials science laboratories. At FLASH it is developed further for the study of ultrafast dynamic processes in nanomaterials.

We would be very pleased if you could join us in "Celebrating FLASH" at DESY! Please register until 14 May 2015.