Study of three-body charmonium decays in BABAR

Apr 14, 2016, 12:20 PM
SR4a (DESY Hamburg)


DESY Hamburg

Heavy Flavours (Charm, Beauty and Top) WG4 Heavy Flavours


Elisa Fioravanti (INFN and Uniersity of Ferrara)


We study the reaction e+ e− -> gamma_ISR J/psi, where J/psi -> pi+ pi- pi0, and J/psi -> K+ K- pi0, using events obtained from the Initial State Radiation process. We measure the relative J/psi branching fraction and perform a Dalitz plot analysis of both J/psi decay modes using an isobar and a Veneziano model. We present also an analysis of the process gamma gamma -> K anti-K pi. We observe the decays eta_c -> K_S K+- pi-+ and eta_c -> K+ K- pi0 and perform a Dalitz analysis of both eta_c decay modes. We also extract the mass dependent K_pi S-wave amplitude and phase using a model-independent partial wave analysis approach. These studies have been performed using the entire BABAR dataset collected at the PEP-II e+e- collider.

Primary author

Dr fabio anulli (INFN Sezione di Roma)

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