Iterative Monte Carlo analysis of spin-dependent parton distributions

Apr 13, 2016, 9:50 AM
SR4a (DESY Hamburg)


DESY Hamburg

Spin Physics WG6 Spin Physics


nobuo sato (jefferson lab)


We present a comprehensive new global QCD analysis of polarized inclusive deep-inelastic scattering, including the latest high-precision data on longitudinal and transverse polarization asymmetries from Jefferson Lab and elsewhere. The analysis is performed using a new iterative Monte Carlo fitting technique which generates stable fits to polarized parton distribution functions (PDFs) with statistically rigorous uncertainties. Inclusion of the Jefferson Lab data leads to a reduction in the PDF errors for the valence and sea quarks, as well as in the gluon polarization uncertainty at x > 0.1. The study also provides the first determination of the flavor-separated twist-3 PDFs and the d 2 moment of the nucleon within a global PDF analysis.

Primary authors

Alberto Accardi (Hampton University) Jacob Ethier (College of William and Mary) Sebastian Kuhn (Old Dominion University) Wally Melnitchouk (jefferson lab) nobuo sato (jefferson lab)

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