8-9 September 2008
DESY Hamburg
Europe/Berlin timezone
Several European countries are supporting the construction of national FEL facilities which are now combining their forces and coordinating their activities to build and operate a distributed European facility, the IRUVX-FEL. The main objective of the IRUVX-FEL Preparatory Phase is the integration of the national FEL facilities into a distributed European FEL facility. This includes the agreement and implementation of structures and methods that allow an efficient construction and operation of the IRUVX-FEL facility, and the preparation of critical technology ensuring that all member facilities will be exploited with highest efficiency. The main objective of work package 3 of the IRUVX-PP is to identify critical technical issues that are of importance for the IRUVX-FEL Consortium, provide a platform for the transfer of knowledge and organise long-term collaborations between the IRUVX-FEL partners. The aim of this workshop is the identification and formation of expert groups and implementation of concepts and communication tools for effective knowledge exchange.
DESY Hamburg
SR 200, building 24
Notkestrasse 85 22607 Hamburg