Mar 17 – 18, 2016
DESY Hamburg
Europe/Berlin timezone

The Magellan Workshop - Connecting Neutrino Physics and Astronomy will take place in Hamburg from March 17-18. The scientific program will address a broad range of topics at the interface between neutrino physics, astronomy and astrophysics. Particular emphasis will be placed on supernova and solar physics. The aim of this event is to strengthen the ties between both communities concerning these topics, give opportunity to discuss current problems faced by either field and help concert future efforts for mutual benefit. The workshop lasting two days is going to feature both talks and a poster session.
The workshop is especially open for young researchers and advanced grad students to present their work.

SN1987A. Image credt: ESO

SN1987A in the large Magellanic cloud was the first supernova from which neutrinos were detected from the core collapse. The workshop will particulary discuss the implications of supernova physics for both research fields. Other topics will include pp and CNO neutrinos.

Workshop poster (pdf)
DESY Hamburg
DESY Auditorium
Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY Notkestraße 85 D-22607 Hamburg