9-12 May 2017
DESY Hamburg
Europe/Berlin timezone
Workshop Goals
The series of OLAV workshops was aims at people working on large vacuum systems. Quite naturally, particle accelerators play a big role in this. Nonetheless, people from other installations are also invited to participate and share their experiences on the specific challenges of large systems consisting of a multitude of components or large volumes.
The vacuum systems covered here range from high vacuum to XHV. Examples are isolation vacuum systems for large cryogenic systems and the beam transport pipes of particles accelerators.
The emphasis of the workshop is to share the practical experiences associated with the design, setup and operation of the vacuum systems. The format is oral presentations with extensive discussions. In the past a mix of talks reviewing good practises and specific failure cases was found to be very instructive.
In addition topical talks on material properties or specific vacuum components have been presented. A new topic for this workshop will be vacuum systems with low or no particulate contamination. There is an increasing number of projects which have this requirement. The necessity of having particulate-free systems is given e.g. by superconducting surfaces which should sustain very high radiofrequency fields or very high quality mirrors for the transport of high intensity photon beams.