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27-29 March 2017
DESY Hamburg
Europe/Berlin timezone

Scientific Programme

Workshop Program

Location: DESY, Bldg.28c (FLASH SeminarRoom)

27 March 2017, Monday

13:00 Registration (Lobby of FLASH Seminarroom, Bldg. 28c)

Introduction, Chair: Ralf Röhlsberger

14:00 Christian Schroer (DESY Photon Science)
Science at PETRA III + IV: Conditions and Opportunities

14:30 Ilya Agapov (DESY Accelerators)
Status of the PETRA IV Accelerator Studies

15:00 Discussion

15:30 Coffee break

Timing Keynote Talks, Chair: Jens Viefhaus

16:00 Ercan Alp (Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Lab, USA)
Timing and Bunch Pattern Requirements for Nuclear Resonant Scattering Experiments

16:30 Christian Bressler (European XFEL, Hamburg)
Pump-probe experiments

17:00 Gerd Schönhense (Universität Bielefeld)
k-Space Microscopy with ToF-Recording and Spin-Filtering
– Towards the “Complete” Photoemission Experiment

17:30 Discussion

19:00 Dinner at the DESY Bistro

28 March 2017, Tuesday

Timing for Nuclear Resonant Scattering, Chair: Ercan Alp

9:00 Tom Toellner (Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Lab, USA)
Fast Shutters for Nuclear Resonant Scattering

9:30 Volker Schünemann (Universität Kaiserslautern)
Non-equilibrium lattice dynamics via NRS

10:00 Jörg Evers (Max-Planck Institut für Kernphysik, Heidelberg)
Time-resolved nuclear quantum optics

10:30 Coffee Break

Pump-Probe Experiments, Chair: Christian Bressler

11:00 Stefan Eisebitt (Max-Born Institut, Berlin)
Pump-Probe Holographic Imaging with X-rays

11:30 Michael Rübhausen (Universität Hamburg)
Transferring the entatic state concept into photochemistry

12:00 Simone Techert (DESY, Uni Göttingen)
Time-resolved RIXS

12:30 Discussion

13:00 Lunch (DESY canteen)

14:30 Henry Chapman (DESY CFEL, Hamburg)
Serial crystallography at a low-emittance storage ring

Contributed Talks

15:00 Tao Ye (Institute of High-Energy Physics, Beijing)
Timing experiments at current BSRF and future HEPS

15:20 Roman Shayduk (DESY, Hamburg)
Applied pump-probe X-ray diffraction at synchrotrons

15:40 Patrik Vagovic (DESY CFEL1)
Tracking of non-repetitive processes with full field
hard X-ray MHz rate single bunch imaging

16:00 Discussion

16:15 Coffee break

16:45 Peter Gaal (Universität Hamburg)
Spatio-temporal coherent control of lattice dynamcis
for time-resolved x-ray diffraction

17:05 Markus Weigand (MPI for Intelligent Systems, Stuttgart)
Time resolved Scanning X-ray Microcopy of Magnetic Nano Structures

17:25 Robert Frömter (Universität Hamburg)
X-ray holographic microscopy of magnetic nanostructures
at 10 nm spatial resolution

17:45 Discussion

18:00 Poster session

19:00 Dinner (Barbecue)

29 March 2017, Wednesday

Time-of-flight methods, Chair: Gerd Schönhense

9:00 Michael Meyer (European XFEL, Hamburg)
One and Two-Color Photoionization Photoionization Dynamics

9:30 Markus Schöffler (Universität Frankfurt)
Atoms and molecules under the reaction microscope

10:00 Tim Salditt (Universität Göttingen)
Time resolved diffraction, phase contrast imaging and tomography of soft and biological matter

10:30 Coffee break

Workshop Summary, Chair: Jens Viefhaus

11:00 Reports of the discussion leaders
Discussion and conclusions

12:30 Closing remarks, lunch and departure