25-27 September 2017
DESY Hamburg
Europe/Berlin timezone

FLASH is currently the only high-repetition rate XUV and soft X-ray FEL world-wide. In burst-mode operation up to 8000 photon pulses/s can be generated. The accelerator technology with superconducting RF cavities developed at DESY for FLASH and the European XFEL in principle allows to run an FEL in a so-called cw mode. In this operation mode, the photon pulses are evenly distributed in time and repetition rates on the order of 1MHz can be achieved. At DESY we presently discuss potential options to upgrade FLASH to quasi-cw operation in the future and aim to define baseline parameters for this “FLASH2020” machine. The goal of the workshop is to identify the science areas that will benefit from FLASH2020 operating quasi-cw with repetition rates from kHz to MHz. The workshop is intended to bring together the experts from all the fields of science that are currently served by FLASH, discuss the impact of the upgrade to FLASH2020 for the respective fields, and start to shape the scientific case for such a facility.

Keynote speakers:
Hermann Dürr
Markus Gühr
Jan Lüning
Claudio Masciovecchio
Anders Nilsson
Daniela Rupp
Melanie Schnell
In addition, we have foreseen slots for about a dozen contributed oral presentations (15+5min) and 20-30 posters which will be permanently installed at the workshop as well as discussed in a dedicated poster session.

Deadline for registration is Sunday, 10 September 2017.

Also, the breakout sessions on Tuesday provide ample time to contribute further ideas on how to shape the future scientific program at FLASH. Short (~2 slides, 5min.) contributions are very welcome here and can be included on short notice.

DESY Hamburg
FLASH seminar room