With its expected ultrahigh brilliance, PETRA IV will put forward the routine preparation of nanofocussed x-ray beams with diameters down to 10 nm. This unique property allows addressing local structural and chemical properties with nm resolution of surfaces, interfaces and nanostructures. At the same time, full field imaging techniques will profit from the increased coherence of the x-ray beam. Both open up unique possibilities for the investigation of materials with inherent heterogeneous interfaces from the micro to the nanoscale such as heterogeneous catalysts or surfaces of polycrystalline materials. The goal of this workshop is to highlight emerging PETRA IV opportunities for nanofocus x-ray experiments under operando conditions by bringing traditionally spatially averaging x-ray techniques down to the nanometer level, including a correlation with complementary microscopy techniques.

Invited Speakers (confirmed):

Virginie Chamard - Institut Fresnel Marseille
Regina Dittmann - FZ Jülich
Hans-Joachim Elmers - Universität Mainz
Peter Gaal - University of Hamburg
Patrick Huber - Hamburg University of Technology
Maya Kiskinova - Sincrotrone Trieste
Axel Knop-Gericke - Fritz Haber Institut Berlin
Erica Lilleodden - Helmholtzzentrum Geesthacht
Olaf Magnussen - Universität zu Kiel
Ben Ocko - Brookhaven National Laboratory
Jinshan Pan - KTH Stockholm
Frank Renner - Hasselt University
Beatriz Roldan Cuenya – FHI Berlin
Volker Rose - Argonne National Laboratory
Thomas Schröder - IHP Frankfurt/Oder
Svetoslav Stankov - KIT Karlsruhe
Geoff Thornton - University College London
Beata Ziaya-Motyka - CFEL, DESY

Organizers: Andreas Stierle, Vedran Vonk and Ralf Röhlsberger

For organisational issues please contact petra4-workshops-orga@desy.de