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16-19 January 2018
Zurich, Switzerland
Europe/Berlin timezone

Hands-On: The Allpix Squared Simulation Framework

18 Jan 2018, 15:15
1h 45m
ETH HG E 33.1

ETH HG E 33.1


Dr Simon Spannagel (CERN)


Scope ----- This tutorial will give an introduction to the Allpix Squared simulation framework. We will walk through the examples provided with the framework and set up our own telescope-plus-DUT simulation with different configuration options. In addition, the tutorial will serve as AMA (ask-me-anything) for the framework. Preparation ----------- Please install the latest version of Allpix Squared (v1.1.0) on your computer or make sure you have access to a working version online before attending the tutorial. Detailed instructions can be found in the manual or on the website ([][1]) There are three options: 1. Install Allpix Squared locally, with local ROOT and Geant4 versions - please follow the installation instructions in the user manual 2. Install Allpix Squared locally or on LXPLUS, while using CVMFS versions of ROOT and Geant4 - this works only for SLC6 and CentOS7 systems - install the CERN CVMFS daemon and source appropriate ROOT and Geant4 versions using their .sh-scripts. Then compile Allpix Squared. 3. Use Allpix Squared on LXPLUS using the centrally provided version on CVMFS. For this, you only need to source the appropriate script and you are ready to go: ### For CERN CentOS7: source /cvmfs/ ### For CERN Scientific Linux 6: source /cvmfs/ **For all options including dependencies from CVMFS:** It might take a while until the CVMFS cache is populated with the necessary libraries when starting the program for the first time. [1]:

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