27-29 September 2017
DESY Hamburg
Europe/Berlin timezone
Current planning for the PETRA IV project foresees a 6 GeV electron storage ring having about 1% of the current emittance, making it a perfect synchrotron radiation source also for the soft X-ray range. Here PETRA IV will offer a very high degree of coherence (90+ %), enabling true diffraction limited focussing, which will result in nm-scale focus sizes and enormous photon flux densities. The required optimal optics and mechanics will furthermore improve beamline parameters such as photon bandpass and photon beam stability.
The new opportunities offered by PETRA IV, particularly for the soft X-ray SR community, will be discussed in this workshop.
During the workshop science areas should be identified which could merit and require a dedicated soft X-ray beamline at PETRA IV.
Organizers: Kai Bagschik, Sadia Bari, Jens Buck, Leif Glaser, Matthias Kreuzeder, Christina Newiger, Jörn Seltmann, and Jens Viefhaus
DESY Hamburg
SemRoom FLASH (28c)