Please note that reservations will not be made by the organizer and that you are asked to contact the hotel yourself.
Reservation Code: ELLCONF [Please register first as conference participant.]

Reservation until September 18th

Dorint Adlershof Berlin***
Rudower Chaussee 15
12489 Berlin-Adlershof
Phone:+49 (0)30 67822-0

Rates per night:
single room 85 €, breakfast included
double room 103 €, breakfast included
Walk 5 min to trainstation Adlershof, go by train 3 stations, walk 10 min from S-Bahn Zeuthen to DESY

Seehotel Zeuthen ****
Fontaneallee 27/28
15738 Zeuthen
Phone: +49 (0)33762 890

Rates per night:
single room 79 €, breakfast included
Walk 30 min from S-Bahn Zeuthen, 20 min from DESY.
Shuttle service on request.