DESY is planning to upgrade PETRA III to an ultra-low emittance storage ring reaching the fundamental limit of diffraction at 1 Angstrom, called PETRA IV. The new facility is expected to herald new science at extreme conditions using the diamond anvil cell (DAC) and large volume presses (LVP). Scientific case studies will benefit from:

1) Exceptional brightness as well as coherence (x100 more than PETRA III) enabling nano-sized beams with significant more flux on the sample at high energies, as well as 2) an entire suite of coherent diffraction and imaging techniques that have so far not been possible at high energies. In other areas, increased coherence and effective focusing together with fast high energy detectors will enable time resolved powder diffraction studies down to the 100 of kHz.

Additionally, pink beam techniques accepting the full width of the very narrow harmonics (in comparison to PETRA III) will further enhance dynamic diffraction studies as well as microtomography. During the last 6 month the high-pressure community has been asked to help draft the Conceptual Design Report (CDR) for scientific case of PETRA IV.

The following topical areas have been identified as significantly benefitting from the new capabilities of PETRA IV:

- Simulating impact events using the dynamic driven DAC: Advantages of using pink beam and coherent imaging at PETRA IV
- Exploring high-pressure and planetary physics at super high pressure and temperatures conditions created in the DAC and LVP with an ultra-low emittance source such as PETRA IV
- Chemistry and synthesis of new materials at high pressures and temperatures in the DAC and the LVP: Making use of combined diffraction, spectroscopy and imaging at highly coherent and ultra-low emittance sources
- Ultra-high pressure physics of elemental and molecular systems
- Stress and strain analysis of earth mantle components and industrial relevant materials
- Water and carbon cycle in the earth relevant to dynamics of the earth surface using imaging and diffraction
- Understanding evolution of the earth from accretion to fractionation today: Effect of melting and solidification in the earth crust and mantle

  The purpose of this workshop is to finalize and possibly enrich the scientific cases for the CDR of PETRA IV for Extreme Condition Science through the discussion with the community. During the workshop we will also look at the upgrades that are proposed for the other 3rd generation sources and contrast their extreme conditions scientific cases to those emerging for PETRA IV.

Organizers: Hanns-Peter Liermann and Robert Farla

The workshop will be held at the CFEL building 99, Room 084b (near the foyer). Campus Map   

DESY Hamburg
CFEL Bldg 99, Seminar Room 084b