This meeting aims at stimulating an inspiring exchange of thoughts on perspectives for time-resolved studies and imaging with laser-based and free-electron-laser photon sources. Perspectives from world renowned experts in conventional laser and free- electron-laser research will be combined with the view of experts in biomedical research -- the potential users of the proposed methods. Open brainstorming discussions, moderated by a discussion leader, are intended to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the new methods, compare these to the existing ones, and to address the potential problems expected when applying these novel imaging techniques.

The meeting is a part of the celebrations to mark the occasion of the 50th anniversary of DESY.

We invite all interested colleagues to participate in this workshop. We offer excellent lectures and plenty of space for lively discussions. The workshop fee will be 40 Euro (which includes the workshop dinner on Wednesday 24, June 2009) and is to be transferred to the DESY account by June 17, 2009 (see "Workshop Fee").

Participants are asked to arrange travelling and accommodation on their own. We strongly recommend you to book your accommodation as soon as possible. When booking accommodation at DESY Hostel or NOVOTEL, please, mention that you are a participant of the "Brainstorming Meeting". The booking at the NOVOTEL should be done by May 15, 2009.

Organization Committee:
A. Cavalleri, H. Chapman, M. Drescher, G. Gruebel, J. Schneider, B. Sonntag
E. Weckert, W. Wurth, B. Ziaja

The meeting is a part of celebrations on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of DESY. Contact person: Ch. Mrotzek (DESY-PR, Ext. 1665)

Registration opens on: 16 March 2009

Registration deadline: 17 June 2009

Sem.-Room, Bldg. 28c
Notkestr. 85 22607 Hamburg Germany