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Sep 10 – 21, 2018
Europe/Berlin timezone


BND School, Berlin

10–21 Sept 2018

Belgian Dutch German graduate school in particle physics

The school is intended primarily for experimental high energy physicists preparing a PhD in particle physics, in particular during their first two years. The lectures cover both theoretical and experimental aspects of the field.
The BND graduate school 2018 will take place between 10th (14:00) and 21st (13:00) Sept 2018, in Berlin-Schmoeckwitz. Berlin-Schmöckwitz is a quiet sea-side Youth Hostel, approximately one hour travel to the city centre.
Students are expected to stay the full period of the school. The fee will be 1100 Euro, and covers all expenses: meals, lectures, excursions, and boarding.


Scientific Programme

Quantum Field Theory Jan Govaerts (UCL, Louvain)
Quantum Chromo Dynamics Wouter Waalewijn (NIKHEF)
QFT/QCD Tutorial Jan Govaerts/Wouter Waalewijn
Experimental tests of QCD Matthias Schott (Mainz)
Event generation Frank Siegert (Dresden)
Experiments with ultra-high cosmic rays and neutrinos Ioana Maris (ULB)
Calorimetry Erica Garutti (U. Hamburg)
Astroparticle Physics with photons Gernot Maier (DESY)
The physics of Axions Babette Dobrich (CERN)
BSM physics Michael Kraemer (Aachen)
Machine learning Sascha Caron (Nijmegen)
Student project (Calorimeter simulation) Thorsten Kuhl (DESY)


Evening Lectures

Goops and gimmicks and neutrinos (IceCube Installation, Berlin) Christian Spiering (DESY)
Biology with colliders Dominik Oberthür (DESY)


LOC (Local Organizing Committee):

Klaus Moenig, DESY
Thorsten Kuhl, DESY
Julia Eckert, DESY


Organizing institutes: Belgium, Netherlands, Germany

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