DESY is planning to build a new Small Angle X-ray Scattering beamline at the PETRA III extension featuring a monochromatic incident beam with high photon flux and moderate beam cross section. The new beamline P62 is intended to be complementary to the existing and very successful operated micro- and nano-focus beamline P03 at PETRA III.  This workshop intends to discuss the various aspects of the layout of the new instrument with our potential users. The discussion shall cover different relevant topics for planning the best instrument for the users:

  • X-ray energy range and resolution
  • Focusing capability (beam size at sample and detector)
  • SAXS resolution  (Q-range)
  • Space requirements for sample environments
  • Additional secondary tools like WAXS, XRF, UV-Vis

Finding the optimum layout requires input from future users of the instrument with specific expertise in the different areas of SAXS. Therefore, the participants are encouraged to present their science plans at the future instrument and the technical requirements for these experiments to become feasible.

Organizers: Sylvio Haas,

Co-organizers: Lingfei Pang, Sergio Funari


DESY Hamburg
Flash seminar room, bldg. 28c
Notkestr. 85 22769 Hamburg Germany