Nov 12 – 13, 2018
Europe/Berlin timezone
Anti-vibration and positioning systems and sensors for high-stability holders

The Astroparticle Physics European Consortium APPEC invites technology experts from industry and academia to the APPEC Technology Forum 2017 (ATF 2017).
As the continuation of a successful series of appointments in the past years in part organized by the precursor ASPERA, the ATF 2017 will provide the frame for discussions among all the stakeholders fostering new R&D activities, improving existing technology and supporting current and emerging intra- and extra-field collaborations.
With the intention of laying the foundations for future cooperations involving industry and academia, the ATF 2017 will concentrate on the development of coatings and substrates extended to optics, optoelectronics and optomechanics, including the standard technologies up to the new cutting-edge techniques.
All these technologies have a large potential for innovative applications and we are convinced there will be the opportunity for an effective exchange of ideas and experiences among the participants. The three main categories which will be discussed are:
• development of the 3rd-generation gravitational-wave detectors (from standard up to ultra-low-noise products, mainly in the 1.5 µm - 2.2 µm wavelength range)
laser development and related optoelectronics (from standard up to ultra-low noise products, different wavelength ranges)
x-ray optics (for Free-Electron-Lasers, metrology, medical applications)
As an example of outostanding outcome of the past Technology Forums, the 3-years-long EU-funded SENSE project ( started in 2016 with the aim of the definition of a European R&D roadmap towards the ultimate low light-level sensors.
We wish to our participants a fruitful meeting in Hanover and consequent successful collaborations.