24 September 2018 to 7 October 2018
DESY Hamburg
Europe/Berlin timezone
*** EVENTS anlegen: Diese Anleitung rauslöschen!!!! Go to https://indico.desy.de/indico/event/20688/manage/general/ Clone this "event"! Make ticks at "Registration"!!! and give a new title for the event according to the Marcel’s table 1. include Chair person (without it the door form will not work) 2. Correct the ID under "Layout" -> "Menu" -> "Door Form" http://indico.desy.de/tools/testBeamDoorNote.py?confId=XXXX 2'. Correct the ID under "Layout" -> "Menu" -> "Attendance list" http://indico.desy.de/tools/testBeamDoorNote.py?confId=XXXX 3.Modification key in form TB_XXXX could be added under "Protection" (very useful for users, so they can make some minor modifications) 4. After this re-allocate the created event to the correct beamline. Erledigt seit Mai 2018 5. Since two fields (“Gender” and “Financial Support” ) couldn’t be cloned correctly it should be repaired under https://indico.desy.de/cgi-bin/indicoServices.cgi -> repair forms BUT! Status from 15.02: 5) doesn’t work and man should fix these two fields manually!
DESY Hamburg
Hall 2/Bld. 27
Registration for this event is currently open.