25-27 September 2019
HU Berlin
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PAHEN 2019, Berlin

25–27 Sept 2019

Perspectives in Astroparticle physics from High Energy Neutrinos


Perspectives in Astroparticle physics from High Energy Neutrinos

Neutrino telescopes are ushering us into a new era for astroparticle physics: the recent discovery of a diffuse flux at the TeV-PeV range by the IceCube collaboration clearly opens a new window to the cosmos. At the same time, these events also constitute the most energetic neutrinos ever measured (well beyond the energies achievable at man-made accelerators) and may offer an important diagnostic tool for physics and astrophysics, especially when taking into account that there is no compelling explanation for their origin, yet. It has been widely recognized that neutrino telescope data, especially if used in a multi-messenger context, can help clarifying the acceleration of (hadronic) cosmic rays in both the Galactic and the extragalactic environment, have a potential for unveiling new classes of astrophysical sources, can constrain some exotic neutrino properties and perhaps shed light on some of the deepest mystery in current physics, like the nature of Dark Matter. Currently, several programs are ongoing for the upgrade of the existing facilities or the development of next generation ones and it is very timely to review the status of this rapidly developing field, with a desirable synergy between theory and experimental communities.

  • High-energy neutrino observations and perspectives
  • Astrophysical sources and backgrounds
  • Multimessenger physics
  • New physics at high-energy neutrino telescopes



The meeting venue located in the heart of the capital.
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Dorotheenstr. 24
10117 Berlin

Room 1.101

Meeting Room


The fee includes the scientific programme, coffee breaks, and the dinner.

Early bird     110 EURO  
Regular (after 1 Sep) 130 EURO  


Points of Interest

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Invited Speakers

Shin’ichiro Ando (GRAPPA) Susumu Inoue (RIKEN)
Rafael Alves Batista (University of São Paulo) Alexander Kappes (WWU Münster)
Denise Boncioli (GSSI) Teppei Katori (University of London)
Simon Bourret (IUT Paris Diderot/APC) Kumiko Kotera (CNRS)
Sara Buson (JMU Würzburg) Stefano Morisi (INFN)
Mauricio Bustamante (University of Copenhagen) Anna Nelles (DESY, FAU)
Matteo Cerruti (ICCUB) A. Nepomuk Otte (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Amy Connolly (Ohio State University) Paolo P. Padovani (ESO)
Daniele D. Gaggero (UAM-CSIC Madrid) Maria Petropoulou (Princeton University)
Andrea Donini (IFIC Valencia) Mary Hall Reno (University of Iowa)
Philipp Eller (Penn State) Xavier Rodrigues (DESY)
Ke Fang (Stanford University) Piera Sapienza (INFN)
Chad Finley (Stockholm University) Robert Stein (DESY)
Derek Brindley Fox (Penn State) Veronique van Elewyck (IUT Paris Diderot/APC)
Avishay Gal-Yam (Weizmann Institute of Science) Abigail Vieregg (University of Chicago)
Jonas Heinze (DESY) Christopher Wiebusch (RWTH Aachen University)
  Tova Yoast-Hull (University of Toronto)


CRPropa face-to-face meeting

Right after PAHEN, from September 30th to October 2nd, the 'CRPropa face-to-face meeting' will be held at DESY Zeuthen. This meeting will focus on simulations of astroparticle physics from TeV - ZeV energies with CRPropa (see crpropa.desy.de). Anyone who is interested in this topic is encouraged to sign up for this meeting here: https://indico.desy.de/indico/event/22961/.


Workshop after PAHEN at DESY, Zeuthen

DESY | Platanenallee 6 | 15738 Zeuthen

There is the possibility to host a small workshops after the conference at DESY in Zeuthen (link, ~30 km distance to the city center, and reachable by public transportation). In case of interest in this, please contact us at pahen2019@desy.de with a brief description of the workshop you would like to organize.  


LOC (Local Organizing Committee), DESY:

Markus Ackermann (Chair)
Walter Winter (Chair)

Julia Eckert
Marek Kowalski, DESY/HU
Andrea Palladino
Ludwig Rauch


Organizing Institutes:

Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


IAC (International Advisory Committee):

Pasquale Migliozzi
Gennaro Miele
Eli Waxman
Francis Halzen
Eligio Lisi
Kohta Murase
Martin Lemoine
Enrique Zas
Elisa Resconi
Antoine Kouchner
Markus Ahlers


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