23-25 November 2009
DESY, Notkestraße 85, 22607 Hamburg, Bldg. 28c, seminar room
Europe/Berlin timezone
<img THE SCIENCE CORRIDOR An Alliance of Hubs Four new world-leading research facilities focused on materials science will be established in Hamburg (European XFEL and PETRA III) and Lund/Copenhagen (ESS and MAX IV). These new facilities together with their associated research communities, other existing facilities and several universities along a corridor from Northern Germany northwards to Oslo can create one of the largest science communities in the world. Through support of cross-border cooperation and mobility this Science Corridor will promote synergies between research infrastructures and facilities. It will encourage researchers to share knowledge, will stimulate the transfer of knowledge between research, industry and society in the four countries, and will provide enhanced professional development opportunities for scientists and students. By this we can bring forth a critical mass of knowledge development in order to meet the challenges of Europe and take a global leadership through scientific cooperation. This conference is the third in a series of conferences that intend to implement the concept of a Science Corridor consisting of hubs from Oslo to Northern Germany with a focus on material science. The Hamburg conference will present the scientific resources and specializations within each of the hubs that the corridor consists of. Opportunities will be given to identify possible areas of cooperation. The conference will also focus and decide on the implementation of the Science Corridor and what next steps are to be taken. The basis for this discussion will be a memo built on the preceeding two conferences this year (Lund/Copenhagen and Gothenburg). The conference will thus consist of two parts. The first part – Monday and Tuesday - will be a presentation of the scientific resources and research activities that each participating hub represents. The focus will be on the scientific potential of the Science Corridor and the possible areas of cooperation. The presentations will be given by specialists from each hub. The second part – Wednesday – will focus on the organization of the Science Corridor with discussions on a memorandum that summarizes the two earlier conferences. The Science Corridor will also be the framework for the Röntgen – Ångström cluster that was set up by the German and Swedish governments as an open collaboration in the fields of materials science and life science around the large scale research facilities in Northern Europe. The Hamburg symposium will be an opportunity to identify possible areas for cooperation and synergy between this cluster and the Science Corridor. Bengt Streijffert Helmut Dosch University of Lund DESY Please register until Nov. 16, 2009
DESY, Notkestraße 85, 22607 Hamburg, Bldg. 28c, seminar room
Bldg. 28c, seminar room
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