26 November 2009
Notkestr. 85, 22607 Hamburg, Bldg. 28c, FLASH Auditorium
Europe/Berlin timezone
1st Workshop for the High Resolution Powder Diffraction Beamline.

PETRA III is the most brilliant 3rd generation synchrotron facility in the world due to its low emittance storage ring that creates a source with a very small divergence. It is therefore predestined for experiments that require high brilliance at high energies such as high resolution powder diffraction techniques. Beamline P02.1 will be dedicated to high resolution powder diffraction using high energy x-rays at 60 keV. The high energy enables access to high momentum transfer and the penetration of complex sample environments such as furnaces, cryostats, and chemical reaction cells. These in situ high and low temperature capabilities will be complemented by time resolved diffraction setups such as kinetic or deposition chambers to enable real-time studies on the minute to second time scale.

The “1st Workshop for the High Resolution Powder Diffraction Beamline” is being convened to discuss the scientific focus of the “High Resolution Powder Diffraction Beamline P02.1”, based on the needs of the German, European and International community and to discuss options for the best possible design.

Please register until 23 November 2009.

Notkestr. 85, 22607 Hamburg, Bldg. 28c, FLASH Auditorium

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