Sep 14 – 16, 2020
Europe/Berlin timezone

Poster session & List of Posters

The poster sessions will take place on Tuesday, 18.00-19.30hrs and Wednesday, 11.05 - 12.00hrs and will be held at the plattform Links to the meetings have been provided to the participants via eMail.

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Poster list and Allocation to tables

ID Title Primary Author REMO FLOOR TABLE NO. 
0 Novel Gas Imaging System for XFEL Mr. NARAYANASAMY, Sankar Raju 1 1
1 Simulation of caustic beams applied at FLASH beamlines Dr. RUIZ-LOPEZ, Mabel 1 2
2 Classical ghost imaging with XUV free-electron laser Dr. KIM, Young Yong 1 3
3 Sample Delivery Systems for Serial Femtosecond Crystallography and Single Particle Imaging at X-ray Free-Electron Lasers Dr. VAKILI, Mohammad 1 4
4 Nonisentropic Release of a Shocked Solid HEIGHWAY, Patrick 1 5
5 Simulations of Phonon Modes in Laser-Plasma Compressed Solids Mr. KARNBACH, Oliver 1 6
6 Femtosecond laser produced periodic plasma in a colloidal crystal probed by XFEL radiation Ms. MUKHARAMOVA, Nastasia 1 7
7 Classification of diffraction patterns in single particle imaging experiments performed at X-ray free-electron lasers using a convolutional neural network Dr. IGNATENKO, Alexandr 1 8
8 An advanced workflow for the single particle imaging with the limited data at an X-ray free-electron laser ASSALAUOVA, Dameli 1 9
9 FLASH2020+: THz beamline upgrade Dr. PAN, Rui 1 10
10 Direct observation of charge separation in an organic light harvesting system by femtosecond  time-resolved XPS Dr. ROTH, Friedrich 1 11
11 Attosecond charge migration in model carbon chains studied with nonlinear dynamics Dr. MAUGER, Francois 1 12
12 Characterization of XUV Free-Electron-Laser Pulses using Transient Absorption Spectroscopy DING, Thomas 1 13
13 3-in-1: combined time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopies using a time-of-flight momentum microscope at the free-electron laser FLASH. KUTNYAKHOV, Dmytro 1 14
14 High-purity x-ray polarimetry for precision tests of fundamental physics Dr. SCHULZE, Kai Sven 1 15
15 The electronic structure reconfiguration during metal-to-semiconductor transition studied by high-resolution X-ray spectroscopy techniques Dr. WACH, Anna 2 1
16 Nanoscale heterogeneous dynamics probed by nanosecond x-ray speckle visibility spectroscopy Dr. SUN, Yanwen 2 2
19 Direct Observation of Symmetry Breaking in a Polar Metal Ms. BERGER, Emma 2 3
20 Ultrafast Dynamics of Plasma-Mediated Charge Transfer studied by Free Electron Laser Pump-Probe X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Dr. PELLI CRESI, Jacopo Stefano 2 4
21 High spatial coherence and short pulse duration revealed by the Hanbury Brown and Twiss interferometry at the European XFEL Mr. KHUBBUTDINOV, Ruslan 2 5
27 Ultrafast dynamics of photoexcited CZTS Mr. REIN, Christian 2 7
28 Femto-second holographic X-ray imaging with single FEL pulses Dr. HAGEMANN, Johannes 2 8
30 Femtosecond Molecular Flattening in [Cu(dmp)2]+ Probed by X-ray Emission Spectroscopy and Solution Scattering Mr. CHOI, Tae Kyu 2 9
31 Upgrade of the TRIXS end station with advanced instrumentation capabilities at FLASH SINHA, Mangalika 2 10
32 In-situ characterization of silicon phase transitions at high-pressure: comparison between static and dynamic compression PANDOLFI, Silvia 2 11
33 X-ray spectroscopy of double-core-hole resonances in atoms Dr. ILCHEN, Markus 2 12
34 Systematic numerical simulations of field-assisted post-collision interaction in the Auger decay of nobel gas atoms. Ms. BERMUDEZ MACIAS, Ivette  2 13
35 Fixed-Target serial Crystallography of Metalloenzymes using Synchrotrons and XFEL beamlines Dr. HOUGH, Mike 2 14
36 Modeling of ultrafast X-ray induced demagnetization in cobalt Dr. KAPCIA, Konrad J. 2 15
37 Laboratory astrophysics with highly charged ions at XFELs Dr. CRESPO LÓPEZ-URRUTIA, José R. 3 1
39 Pump-probe holographic X-Ray imaging of laser-induced cavitation bubbles with femto-second FEL pulses VASSHOLZ, Malte 3 3
40 μs Hydrodynamic interactions probed at the European XFEL DALLARI, Francesco 3 4
41 Investigating Ring-Opening Reactions by Time-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy with a Free-Electron Laser Prof. ROLLES, Daniel Rolles 3 5
43 Photophysics of microsolvated biomolecules Ms. JOHNY, Melby 3 6
44 PERCIVAL - An imager for the soft X-rays Dr. CORREA, Jonathan 3 7
45 Ultrafast molecular orbital tomography of a pentacene thin film using time-resolved momentum microscopy at a free-electron laser Dr. SCHOLZ, Markus 3 8
46 Dynamics of EUV nanoscale transient magnetization gratings in a Co-Ga alloy Dr. KSENZOV, Dmitriy 3 9
47 Intermediate phases during the Verwey transition in magnetite studied with a parallel energy and time detection method Mr. SCHUNCK, Jan Oliver 3 10
48 Probing simultaneously magnetic and electronic dynamics at L-edges of transition metals using FERMI Free Electron Laser Dr. JAL, Emmanuelle 3 11
49 Probing structure and magnetic ultrafast dynamic profiles by time resolved X-ray Resonant Magnetic Reflectivity Mr. CHARDONNET, Valentin 3 12
50 The ultrafast photodissociation of triiodide observed with time-resolved wide-angle X-ray scattering Ms. NIMMRICH, Amke 3 13
51 Site-specific Pump$-$Probe Experiments on Chiral Molecules Dr. ILCHEN, Markus 3 14
52 Theoretical study of angle resolved photoelectron emission it the region of autoionizing resonances of single-ionized krypton in sequential two-photon double ionization GRUM-GRZHIMAILO, Alexei N. 3 15
53 Lipid sponge phase crystallization of photosynthetic reaction centers for serial crystallography Mr. SELIKHANOV, Georgii 4 1
56 Non-linear multi-photon effects of xenon atoms exposed to highly intense soft X-ray FEL pulses RÖRIG, Aljoscha 4 3
57 Imaging electron dynamics with attosecond x-ray pulses. Theory perspective. Prof. GORELOVA, Daria 4 4
58 UV Photodynamics of thiophenone probed *via* inner-shell excitation and strong-field ionisation at FLASH Mr. MASON, Robbie 4 5
59 Role of transient ionic resonances in xenon excited by intense soft x-ray pulses Dr. PALUTKE, Steffen 4 6
60 A high-speed imaging detector for CW-FELs Dr. PENNICARD, David 4 7
61 Component-specific picosecond lattice distortion in a strongly coupled ferroelectric/dielectric superlattice Mr. SRI GYAN, Deepankar 4 8
62 Towards magnetic X-ray scattering and X-ray imaging at MHz repetition rates Ms. ZHOU HAGSTRÖM, Nanna 4 9
63 Phase-change materials: An ideal model system for studying liquid-liquid transitions with FEL techniques Prof. WEI, Shuai 4 10
64 Spectroscopic Characterization of Cu-based photosensitizers for Artificial Photosynthesis through Ultrafast Time-Resolved X-ray Spectroscopy VELASCO, Lucìa 4 11
65 XFEL-Induced Synthesis of ε-Iron Nitride at High Pressures LEE, Yongjae 4 12
66 Time-resolved study of core-level and valence-band dynamics in Bi2Se3 with angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy at FLASH HEBER, Michael 4 13
67 Magnetic and structural dynamics in antiferromagnetically coupled FeCr Superlattices SCHICK, Daniel 4 14
68 Using machine learning to understand the structural landscape of a sample from weak XFEL single particle diffraction patterns Dr. ZHUANG, Yulong 4 15
69 3D diffractive imaging of nanoparticle ensembles using an X-ray laser Dr. AYYER, Kartik 5 1
70 The TMO Instrument: Opportunities and Plans for Time-resolved Atomic, Molecular and Optical Science at LCLS-II Dr. WALTER, Peter 5 2
79 Towards Time Resolved Serial Crystallography of Lentinus similis Lytic Polysaccharide MonoOxygenase Dr. BANERJEE, Sanchari 5 3
84 An XUV and soft X-ray split-and-delay unit for FLASH2 DREIMANN, Matthias 5 4
85 Adaptive Automatic Differentiation Ptychography at FELs KHARITONOV, Konstantin 5 5