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IX. Research Course on New X-Ray Sciences

Bldg. 28c (DESY Hamburg)

Bldg. 28c

DESY Hamburg

Notkestr. 85 22067 Hamburg

Disordered Materials in Synchrotron
and XFEL X-ray light.

IX. Research Course on New X-Ray Sciences
February 17-19, 2010 at DESY Hamburg

Research Course
  • Structure and Dynamics of Liquids and Glasses
  • Challenges in Disordered Materials
  • New Theoretical Developments
  • Opportunities with Coherent X-rays
  • Surfaces of Disordered Materials
  • Disorder in Soft Matter
  • New X-ray sources for Understanding Disordered Matter

Free-electron lasers for short-wavelength radiation and the latest generation of storage rings for the generation of hard X-ray synchrotron radiation are new light sources providing extremely high brilliance radiation. These novel sources allow for new experimental techniques, therefore enabling new scientific results. The DESY course shall provide basic knowledge about new directions of X-ray research and address Diploma (Master), PhD students and young research fellows. Detailed information about the program and how to apply can be found on the web.

The 9th course is dedicated to the investigation of structural and dynamical properties of disordered materials using the properties of highly brilliant X-ray sources. Modern experimental techniques and scientific applications will be discussed.

The number of participants is limited. Applications for this course should be made not later than January 22, 2010.

You will receive a confirmation for your participation.

L. Cipelletti (University Montpellier), H. Franz (DESY), D.K. Saldin (University Wisconsin), A. Nilsson (Stanford), P. Wochner (MPI Stuttgart), O. Shpyrko (UC San Diego), G. Monaco (ESRF), G. Ruocco (University Rome), J. Roth (University Stuttgart), R. Röhlsberger (DESY), R. Treusch (DESY)

C. Gutt (DESY), G. Grübel (DESY) and for any assistance M. Stolper

  • afshan begum
  • aisha munawar
  • Anders Nilsson
  • Andrew Martin
  • Anna Wolska
  • Annick Froideval
  • Anowarul Habib
  • Beata Ziaja-Motyka
  • Benedikt Rudek
  • Benjamin Runge
  • Bill Pedrini
  • Birgit Fischer
  • Carla Streubühr
  • Christian Gutt
  • Christoph Trabant
  • Chun-Fu Chang
  • Ciplelletti Luca
  • Conrad Heiko
  • Cornelia Wunderer
  • Cristian Manzoni
  • Daniel DePonte
  • Dariusz A. Zajac
  • Dilano K. Saldin
  • Dirk Rehders
  • Edwin Fohtung
  • Gerald Zehl
  • Gerhard Grübel
  • Giulio Monaco
  • Hermann Franz
  • Hui He
  • Idoia Freijo
  • Intikhab Ulfat
  • Jerome Gaudin
  • Johannes Roth
  • Jonas Sellberg
  • Julia Hapke
  • Justyna Dulińska
  • Kai-Uwe Plagemann
  • Karol Nass
  • Karol Vegso
  • Karsten Bruening
  • Kyu Hyun
  • Lars Redecke
  • Leon Hütsch
  • Leonard Müller
  • Manuel Ligges
  • Marcel Buchholz
  • Marcin Klepka
  • Mengning Liang
  • Michael Vattilana
  • Miguel Castro-Colin
  • Miriana Vadala
  • Mojca Rangus
  • Oleg Shpyrko
  • Paavo Penttilä
  • Peter Wochner
  • Peter Zalden
  • Philipp Sperling
  • Péter Völgyesi
  • Ralf Röhlsberger
  • Riadh Zouari
  • Rolf Treusch
  • Ruslan Kurta
  • Selvaraj Munirasu
  • Sergii Nedilko
  • Shafagh Dastjani Farahani
  • Sophie Canton
  • Stefan Kaiser
  • Stephan Stern
  • Sven Falke
  • Uladzimir Shymanovich
  • Vikaran Khanna
  • Vladimir Kolesar
  • Wei Lu
  • Zoran Ristanovic
  • Éva Hedvig Nagy
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