Investigation of organically linked iron oxide nanoparticle supercrystals using high-energy SAXS at P07

by Dr Malte Blankenburg (Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht)

109 (25b)



Nanostructured ceramics are attracting growing attention in materials science and engineering, thanks to their wide spectrum of unique properties and applications. Supercrystalline ceramic-based materials are a sub-category of nanostructured ceramics. They are typically nanocomposites in which ceramic nanoparticles, surface-functionalized with organic ligands, are arranged into periodic structures. Thanks to the nanoscale size of their building blocks and their long-range order architecture, they feature very promising combinations of optical, electronic, magnetic and mechanical properties. Using SAXS it is possible to investigate the long-range order during the self-assembling process and after a thermal treatment, which promotes the formation of covalent bonds between interdigitated ligands on the nanoparticle surface.