29 June 2020
Online via ZOOM
Europe/Berlin timezone

Workshop outline

Career Planning for PhD Students

The majority of PhD holders does not stay in academia, but pursues careers in a variety of fields. Still, many young scientist struggle with finding out which career path they would like to pursue. They often do not know which career options exist, and even more importantly, they often have never taken the time to reflect on what kind of work they would actually like to do, and what their values, interests and goals in life are.

This compact 2-day course is designed for young scientists, to help them identify their goals, skills, values and interests, discover potential career options in and outside academia and design their own career development plan. The following topics will be covered in the course:

  • Discovering career and life goals: The participants analyze their biography and reflect on their goals, interests, and values. What kind of work would they like to do? What are their dreams and ideas for the future, and how can they turn them into goals?
  • Exploring career options: Where do people with a PhD outside academia work? Participants will get an overview of different career paths and learn how to explore their options, e.g. by conducting informational interviews, using existing networks, internet research etc.
  • Analyzing skills and competencies: Participants take a close look at the competencies they have gained until now: What are they good at? What do they enjoy doing? Which “hidden” competencies are they maybe not aware of? What are “transferable skills”?
  • Making a plan: What are the next steps? Participants will design their individual career development plan and they will be matched with their “career buddy” for voluntary peer meetings after the course.

After this course, participants...

  • Have a better understanding of their life and career goals
  • Have analyzed their skills and competencies
  • Are aware of different career options outside science
  • Know how to explore career options
  • Have designed their individual career development plan

Methods: Short lectures, group work, introspection / individual work with coaching exercises, peer coaching, discussions.

Optional coaching sessions with Dr. Köhler can be arranged during the workshop (approximately 60 minutes with individual feedback and counselling).

Trainer: Dr. Iris Köhler, The Scientist Coach