Mar 24 – 26, 2021
via Zoom
Europe/Berlin timezone


G. Marcus (SLAC) Preliminary studies of an x-ray regenerative amplifier free electron laser at the LCLS FEL complex

R. Lindberg (ANL) X-ray FEL oscillators for ultra-narrowband applications


Zhirong Huang (SLAC) LCLS-II & CBXFEL

P. Rauer (DESY) A CBXFEL demonstrator for the European XFEL

G. Aeppli (PSI) Science Application – Frontier X-ray Science Areas: Towards the arbitrary X-ray Waveform Generator

J. Evers (U Heidelberg) Science Application – Quantum Optics: Nuclear quantum optics with cavity-based X-ray FELs

B. Keimer (MPI Stuttgart) Science Application – Complex Materials, quantum phases: Spin and charge excitations in ruthenates probed by IRIXS

Y. Shvydko (ANL) X-ray Optics for Cavity-Based XFELs

Diling Zhu (SLAC) Alignment Diagnostics and In/Out Coupling Mechanism for X-ray Cavities

A. Benediktovitch (DESY) X-ray oscillator scheme for amplified fluorescence emission

S. Köhlenbeck (AEI) What can be learned from LIGO cavity technology

C. Gutt (U Siegen) Science Application – Stoch. dynamics, Disordered systems: The importance of longitudinal coherence for MHz XPCS experiments of protein dynamics

G. Monaco (U Padova) Science Application– Stoch. dynamics, Disordered systems: Exploring the dynamics of disordered materials using CBFEL sources

Kenji Tamasaku (Spring-8) Science Application – Quantum Optics: Generation of non-classical x-rays and potential applications by CBXFEL

A.Q.R. Baron (Spring-8) Science Application – Complex materials, quantum phases: Considerations for Spectroscopic Applications

S. DeBeer (MPI Mühlheim) Science Application – Biochemistry and Spectroscopy: Advanced X-ray Spectroscopic Studies of Biological Catalysis - New Opportunities with Cavity-Based XFELs

V. Schünemann (TU KL) Science Application – Biochemistry and Spectroscopy: Chemical and Biological Applications of Mössbauer spectroscopy at a Cavity-based X-ray FEL

S. Hruszkewycz (ANL) Science Application – Imaging: Challenges of signal-starved XFEL science in the very low photon count rate limit

T. Salditt (U Göttingen) Science Application – Imaging: Holographic X-ray Imaging: Pushing spatial and Temporal resolution