4-7 May 2020
Europe/Berlin timezone

It is with deep regret that we have to announce the cancellation of our workshop "New Ideas in String Phenomenology” May 4-7 this year. 

The worldwide spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and its threat to the life of potentially hundreds of thousands if not millions leaves this as the only wise decision at this time. We are planning to postpone the workshop and welcome you in Hamburg at a later time. 

When this will be, we will need to decide in the future, since the best available research and modeling right now states that slowing down and spreading out the progress of the pandemic will need significant social distancing measures in place throughout the whole time until an effective vaccine is available - which is most likely at least a year out.




List of confirmed speakers:









































































If you have any questions regarding the organization, please contact Wilfried Buchmüller (DESY), Federico Carta (DESY), Nicole Righi (DESY), Yvette Welling (DESY) or Alexander Westphal (Chair, DESY).




The workshop is supported by:
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The workshop is funded by the ERC Consolidator Grant STRINGFLATION under the HORIZON 2020 grant agreement no. 647995.