March 15, 2020
Europe/Berlin timezone

Dear collegue, following the decision by the DESY directorate to move DESY into a reduced operation modus, many of you will be able to work from home for the coming days and weeks. This home office option is exceptionally available to everyone, if the employee and the group leader / Fachgruppenleiter agree that it is possible and agree on a work plan. For the duration of your home office we will need to know from you some information:

  • your phone number, where you can be reached -
  • your work plan for the time, at least for the first week.

Please provide this information on this indico page. If you register you will be able to fill in the necessary information. To enable you to update this information later you should fill this form after you have logged in to indico - if you do not yet have an account, your should get one. Please give us this information also if you plan to do partial home office, and come to DESY only on a few occasions. 

On the same form, please also indicate if you have been in a designated risk area or one of the areas which are considered critical (Austria, Switzerland).

Please note that the provision of information through this page is voluntary. The information you provide is not visible to anyone but you and the administrator of the page. If you fill the page, you agree implicitly that your data are stored on this system. If you do not agree with this, please make the information available through other means.

Registration for this event is currently open.