25-26 August 2020
CET timezone

We deeply regret that - due to COVID-19 – a regular RACIRI 2020 Summer School cannot take place in 2020.

Instead, we invite to a 2-day RACIRI-2020 WEBINAR

on 25. -26. August 2020, entitled

"Research with X-rays and Neutrons

on Current Topics of Global Priority".

It will focus with 6 one-hour lectures on two topics that are presently of very high priority, 'Human Health and Virus Research' as well as 'Energy, Climate, and Environment'.

In addition, the webinar offers for each lecture a special tutorial session to allow specific questions to the lecturer (see program).


The next regular RACIRI 2021 Summer School is planned for 15. - 21. August 2021 at Varbergs Kusthotell, Varberg, Sweden.


25. – 26 August 2020

The WEBINAR is now open for registration that is mandatory for participation.

To apply, please fill out und submit the Registration Form as soon as possible.

Registration deadline: Extended to 14 August 2020.

If your application is successful, you will receive the necessary link to join the WEBINAR.

This WEBINAR is intended to be particularly attractive to senior master students in the final phases of their study programs (master, diploma), PhD and doctoral students, as well as young scientists (postdocs), predominantly from the three partner countries Germany, Russia, and Sweden, using X-rays and neutrons for their research.

The WEBINAR will also be open to participants from other European as well as non-European countries.

INFORMATION ON LECTURERS & LECTURES (Abstracts and short biographies)

Luka Cicin-Sain
Day 1: Introduction to virology

B. Martin Hällberg
Day 1: Structural virology using X-rays and electrons – SARS-CoV-2 and others

Andrey Konevega
Day 1: Neutron Research in the field of human health and virus infections

Wolfgang Eberhardt
Day 2: Shaping the energy system of the future

Kristina Edström
Day 2: Storage of energy from renewable sources

Nønne Prisle
Day 2: Impact of atmospheric aerosols on climate and environment

More information: www.raciri.org