1-2 March 2010
Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Europe/Berlin timezone

Scientific Programme

The working group on Higgs production in gluon fusion and heavy quark annihilation should provide a platform for the communication among theorists and experimentalists.

Part of the sessions of this kick-off meeting will be reserved for short presentations (10 min) of the participants but a large part of the time will be used for discussions. Possible topics for the discussion sessions are:

  • how can one combine the availabe information on the Higgs cross sections in order to arrive at the most reliable theory prediction?
  • what are the uncertainties on cross sections?
  • which MC generator(s) should be used to arrive at these?
  • what measurements in early data are important to improve the signal predictions?
  • how can one incorporate these in exclusion limits?
  • what are the available tools and how do they compare to each other?
  • which tools/calculations are needed for further improvements?
  • how to tailor theory predictions and uncertainty estimates in order to match modern analysis methods? (sub-jets, jet-veto, recoil-jets,...)
  • ...
It would be helpful if you could indicate your favorite topic upon registration.